Debug php in VIM with Xdebug and DBGPavim

Posted by brookhong brookhong

F5 to start debugger engine -- PHP-bap-LISN, means debugger engine has started, and being listening for incoming connection, bap means Break only At breakPoints, press F8 to toggle it.

* bap -- Break only At breakPoints
* bae -- Break At Entry

Press F5 to pick up one connection in queue to debug.

You are in debug mode now.

Press F1 to toggle help window.

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Re: Debug php in VIM with Xdebug and DBGPavim

Thank you for the really useful plugin.  Used it to find a bug in a commercial PHP-based CMS.

One thing that drove me crazy: I forgot to start the debugging session with the XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1 URL parameter.  You might want to point that out more than once, especially near the top of the .md file on github, because it's easy to miss.

Great job.